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Please consider adopting a people group for your church or small group to pray for. Families can also adopt and engage in praying for a group. What an awesome testimony for your children to see your parental concern for those in spiritual darkness. The goal is to get as many believers as possible praying for the spiritual needs of these unreached people. It is our firm belief that pray is a very important weapon in our spiritual artillery.  There are 10 people groups that have been carefully chosen for adoption. Every group represents  a Muslim community somewhere in the vast world of Islam. These people groups were chosen because they are living in a country that is difficult to gain entry into,  or has had very limited access to the gospel. The Bible declares in Ephesians that, “he is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think.” Prayer , the gospel, and faith are powerful tools that can either move or remove mountains. Please carefully examine the information about each of the people groups and prayerfully choose a group to adopt as directed by the Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that when God calls a person or family to one of these people groups that there will be supporters waiting to help.  It is not our desire to use your personal or church information to sell but to build a community of prayer partners for each unreached people group. (Some of the information found on our webpage was obtained from the Joshua Project.)

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