Light24 is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those living in restricted access and creative access nations through targeted prayer, international missions, and at-home evangelism and training.




The Mission of Light24 is:


- To equip existing churches to develop a strategy to evangelize, pray for, and disciple people from restricted access nations.


- To promote personal surrender and financial investment into the outreach of restricted access nation people living in North America and overseas.


- To be a clearing house for restricted access projects.





My name is Billy Carruth. I hold a BS in Pastoral Theology from Arlington Baptist College and a Masters of Arts  in Intercultural Studies from Liberty University. I have spent the better part of twenty years in ministry as a pastor.


After a mission trip to Honduras, I became aware of the tremendous need  to fulfill the great commission.  In 2003 I felt the Lord calling me to overseas missions and was approved as a missionary with the World Baptist Fellowship Mission Agency. Over the years of missionary service my family has  served in Scotland, Jordan, and Canada, and in recent years I have developed a mission strategy for the people living in the 10/40 window.


As director, I am developing a staff which will seek to reach restricted access nations and creative access nations peoples who live in the boundaries of North America. My  aim is to produce multiplication among  the UPG’S living here by providing insight and training to existing local churches. These churches will in turn set up ministries for evangelism and discipleship  among these precious neglected people. Light Twenty Four recognizes that most Christians are afraid to approach a person who is from a Middle Eastern background with the gospel.


It is so important that Christians understand that there are Biblical bridges and doors available for these men, women and children who walk in darkness. Some of the information shared in one of our weekend training sessions would include:


- Understanding the culture of shame and honor
- The beliefs and pillars of Islam
- Open doors
- Setting up a ministry in your local church that will work for the field in which you live

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